• Regional ITS Architecture

  • ITS Technology Scans

  • ITS Master Planning

  • Concept of Operations

  • ITS Procurement Documents (IFBs, RFPs)

Phase 1 Engineering 
  • ITS Network Design

  • System Requirements Specifications

  • Video Monitoring and Recording System Design

  • ITS Test Specifications

  • Test Requirements Traceability

ITS Systems Engineering
  • CV Project Architecture

  • CV Deployment Planning

  • FCC Licensing and Registration

  • CV Roadside and On Board Equipment Procurement Specs

  • Integration of CV into existing ITS Networks

Connected Vehicle (CV) Engineering
  • Design of Roadside ITS Sensors & Infrastructure

  • ITS Specifications and Special Provisions

  • ITS Network Communication Diagrams

  • ITS Plan Sheets

  • ITS System Design Documents

Phase 2 Engineering 

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I-90 Corridor Active Traffic Management (ATM) Test and Verification White Paper


U.S. DOT – Illinois Tollway Affiliated Testbed MOA management services


I-90 East Connected Vehicle Pilot Deployment Plan


I-90 East Connected Vehicle Pilot Project Architecture Report


CV Roadside Unit Site Evaluation Report and Installation Drawings

600 Camera Digital Video Recording System Technical Report and Procurement Documents


CCTV Camera Coverage Phase II Engineering

ITS Specifications and Special Provisions


Dynamic Message Sign (DMS) Refurbishment Phase II PS&E documents QC Review


Road Weather Information System (RWIS)

Condition Assessment Report contributor


ITS Device Preservation (229 sites)

Phase II Engineering

Regional ITS Architecture Report


Technology Scan Reports:

Microloop Sensors, Mobile RWIS, Anti-icing

Systems and Bridge Structure Health Monitoring


I-294 Corridor ITS Systems

Requirements Specification


Legacy Video Encoder Migration Plan


North Tri-State ITS Device Replacement Phase II – ITS Specifications / Special Provisions








An Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) is comprised of sensors, communications devices and links and/or information processors which together are used to monitor, measure, inform or improve the efficiency and safety of travelers whether in a vehicle or on foot.

Surface transportation today is in a crisis, with the transportation system unable to cope with the growth that has occurred in the past decade and is expected to continue. With many serious transportation bottlenecks across the country which cannot be eased without more than 2 trillion dollars to rebuild roads and bridges and increase their capacity, the only relatively low cost, high payback alternative is to apply ITS solutions which can increase the capacity and efficiency of the existing transportation system at reasonable cost.

New technologies such as Connected and Automated Vehicles will revolutionize the manner in which we move around our nation and save time and energy while doing so. Our company, ITS Engineering Ltd. is dedicated to furthering these goals and eliminating more than 35,000 traffic deaths per year.




The Intelligent Transportation Systems Specialists